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Maintenance Request

Maintenance and Repairs

Be mindful - If you log a maintenance request, a tradesperson attends and the issue is identified as easily rectified by you as the tenant, or misreported, you may be responsible for the cost of the call out fee and cost of repair completed.

A few examples of this would be: 

  • reporting a light fitting not working without replacing the bulb, or replacing it with an unsuitable bulb. 
  • reporting an issue with the TV reception, only for a technician to identify the antenna is plugged in to a pay TV connection not the correct free to air connection
  • reporting and air conditioner fault without first confirming whether the batteries require replacing 
  • Reporting a garage remote issue without first replacing the batteries and re-coding the remote.
  • Also, consider electrical faults can be caused by overloading power outlets with too many appliances. If this is identified by our electrician as the cause of a power outage, you as the tenant will be responsible for settling the invoice.



Please be specific with repair request, providing details to exact problem, location and severity. If an appliance repair is requested, please provide make and model number of the appliance. This will ensure the expedition of the repair.


Request a repair