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Judith Erwin

Judith Erwin

Judith operates the front desk and will most likely be your first point of contact if you visit or call our office. She looks after maintenance and various fields in our rent roll and also handles the day-to-day admin of running the front desk.


Judith started in real estate in 2001 working in reception and sales administration. It was here that she developed a passion for property management and has worked her way to become a property manager. Judith has been working as a property manager for over ten years across Sydney and also for a short time in QLD.


Upon moving to the area, Judith noticed that Kiama has a vibe to it that she’s not come across before. The locals here are friendly, kind and easy going and it’s this lifestyle and attitude that she identifies with, and she finds herself falling in love with Kiama more and more each day!


Judith has always been drawn to the water, she goes to the beach each weekend and has found a new love for soft sand running.

Judith Erwin

Property Manager

2/124 Terralong St
PO Box 285