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Why list your property with an REI Agent?

Why list your property with an REI Agent?

For many of us investment in property is the most important financial decision we will make, so it's important to deal with a real estate agent you know you can trust.

It may be worth your while to:
  • ask your agent to discuss the ethical standards they work by;
  • check that your agent has a sound knowledge of the local property market, including what properties they have sold over the past year and at what price;
  • ask your agent to explain their proposed marketing strategy and how they intend to keep you updated on their progress; and
  • check that your agent has a good reputation with past clients and within the real estate industry.

It is important to find an agent who has the skills and experience in the location and practice area you need (whether that be residential sales, commercial leasing, property management, auctioneering, holiday rentals or rural property, just to name a few). In New South Wales, agents must be licensed by the Office of Fair Trading under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002.

A well-chosen agent can be an invaluable asset for you, can offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and is well-placed to read any day-to-day changes in the marketplace.

There are many advantages in dealing with a member of REINSW:

  • REINSW is the largest professional associations for real estate agents in Australia.
  • REINSW members follow a Code of Practice outlining the ethical duties and responsibilities of real estate agents. The Institute encourages agents to follow best practices and to be fair and responsible in their agency practices.
  • If you have a problem about the behaviour or actions of an REINSW member, you can take your concerns to the REINSW for investigation.
  • REINSW Education and Training ensures agents have access to the highest quality training.
  • REINSW members also have access to the most up to date industry information via a monthly Real Estate Journal, email updates and a comprehensive website.

List your property with a member of REINSW and you can trust that your agent is backed by an association that aims for the highest standards of ethical practices and professionalism.  

Harcourts Kiama is a member of Real Estate Institute of NSW