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Moving to a retirement home?

Selling the family home in your ageing years?

Selling the family home to move into retirement or aged care accommodation can be a daunting decision and a stressful time. Read how Harcourts Kiama helped and supported one of the town's residents through the process of selling her home and moving on to a new life in a retirement village:


Marie Millard and Sue Spence


How Harcourts helped Marie make the transition from family home to retirement village


Marie’s situation is a similar one facing many aging people in our society; she was living in a home that was too big for her to manage and being alone there was making her feel isolated.


Marie was living in a large villa, but over time she wasn’t able to undertake the maintenance and repairs it required. She had some nice neighbours around, but everyone was leading busy lives, which resulted in her feeling quite lonely.


After some careful consideration, Marie made the decision to put her name down for a unit in Blue Haven retirement village in Kiama. She simply wanted to take control of her situation and do what was best for her before she got too much older.


Marie got in touch Harcourts to let them know that she would be putting her home up for sale when a unit became available. Sue Spence, Principal and Licensee of Harcourts Kiama kept in touch with Marie over the 10 month waiting period to ensure that she was ready to spring into action when needed.


“Sue was incredibly supportive and really gave me the confidence to do what I was doing,” said Marie.


Marie also needed to downsize her belongings in preparation for the move, some of which she’d had for years, but was very pragmatic about it. “The hardest part was having to find a new home for her dog,” she said. “Sue was incredibly supportive and really gave me the confidence to do what I was doing”


There were some tricky timings involved when Marie got news that she had secured a place in the retirement village. “It was imperative that Marie had the money from the sale of her villa in time to pay for the retirement village unit, to avoid her having to move somewhere else until the unit was ready for her to move into,” said Sue.


Marie had 3 months to secure a sale for her home to then pay for the unit, so Sue had to create a marketing campaign that would deliver the best price, in the fixed timeframe.


“There were three people who came to view the villa before the open home and three offers secured. I kept in close communication with Marie and her son-in-law, who supported her in signing the contracts to lock in the buyer. I was certain I had achieved the best price from the market at the time,” explained Sue.


 “I felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders”


“I felt very relieved to move from the villa and felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders” said Marie.


Moving to the local retirement village ensured that Marie could stay in the Kiama community that she so loved. She is delighted with her new lifestyle and has no worries about maintenance or security, and she knows help is at hand if needed.  “I love it; it’s close to town, I can do my shopping easily and there are all sorts of classes and activities available to me. There are always people around and my feeling of isolation has completely gone,” she said.


“I would recommend Sue from Harcourts to anyone, particularly women, in the same situation as me.  She was very supportive throughout the whole process, not just the sale part and also made sure that everyone in the family was included in the communications.”


“I would recommend Sue from Harcourts to anyone”


Sue added, “It was important to me to ensure Marie, the main person affected by the move was looked after, whilst keeping the other family members in the loop.”


Ironically Marie is now living only a few metres from her childhood home. And recalls that her mother used to worry that the nearby pine tree would come down on the house in a storm. The pine tree is still standing on the street near her unit, but the old house on Terralong Street is long gone!