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Winter is coming

Winter is coming

Winter is fast approaching and with it come the deadliest months for house fires. Heaters, overloaded power boards, candles, unsupervised cooking and wheat bags (Yes, wheat bags) are all causes for house fires! 

Click here to see the latest safety warning about wheat bags!

It takes just 2-3 minutes for a property to become engulfed in a house fire. Take a few moments to consider the danger of fire in your property by watching this short video. It demonstrates how quickly a house fire can occur and the ferocity that comes with it:



To prepare for winter, it is an important time to have smoke alarms installed and maintained in your investment properties. Smoke alarms are the earliest warning sign to protect one of your highest valued assets and more importantly, the lives that occupy your asset.


If you've not already arranged for a smoke alarm service contract, talk to your friendly property manager at Harcourts Kiama.