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What are the top 7 features that tenants look for in a rental property?

What are the top 7 things tenants look for in a rental property?

If you want to attract top tenants and those that are happy to stay long term, it’s a good idea to provide the mod-cons. We asked our property manager what she hears requested the most and this was her list: 

1. Dishwashers are the number one requested appliance in a rental property. It’s such a commonplace item in people’s homes these days that it’s hard to go back to washing dishes by hand if you've gotten used to having one.
2. Air Conditioning: as summer kicks in air conditioning is another highly desirable feature, particularly for properties that don’t benefit from a cooling sea breeze. Spit systems provide an economical heating option for winter too. 
3. Outdoor entertaining areas are another popular feature as we Aussies love to live outdoors! If you can provide an attractive outdoor area on your property, preferably under cover, then it will be very appealing to potential tenants. 
4. Access to technology is essential in this day and age so if your property had convenient ADSL connections or cable TV it will make your tenants’ lives a lot easier. The new NBN is usually wired to the outside of the house, but not connected inside and can cost around $300 for the tenant to install the equipment to make it work inside, and they can’t take it with them when they move. It seems only fair for the landlord to make this investment in the property. 
5. Gas cooktops: a modern kitchen is always a wow factor for attracting tenants and cooking with gas is both stylish and economical. 
 6. Ample storage: we all need somewhere to put our stuff, so built-in wardrobes and plenty of cupboard space is great, particularly for families. Consider adding extra shelving in fallow spaces such as under the stairs or in the laundry to provide that extra convenience for your tenants. 
7. Picture hooks: Tenants love to make their rental property look like home, so if you can provide sturdy picture hooks in strategic places, they can hang pictures, clocks and other mementos so they can put their personal touches in the place. If you provide these, it will resist the temptation for tenants to knock holes in the wall themselves, even if they get permission. 
If you are a landlord, ask yourself, what items would you not be prepared to live without and chances are your tenants would say the same!