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Keeping your tenants cool

Keeping your tenants cool

As the mercury rises this summer it’s a wonderful treat to be able to step into a nice cool home.

With air conditioners commonplace in many Australian homes, regular maintenance is a must to keep units operating at their best. If your investment property is equipped with air conditioning you may wish to arrange a regular check of the following:


Filters are important for the efficient running of your air conditioning system. You should arrange for the filters to be routinely replaced or cleaned. Your tenants will thank you as a dirty filter can lower the energy efficiency by as much as 15%. This is even more important if the atmosphere is dusty or if furry pets are in the home.


The evaporator coil and condenser coils collect dirt over time. It is recommended that they are checked and cleaned every year. Outdoor condenser units should be cleared of debris such as leaves and grass and dirt to enable good airflow around the unit.


Drain channels are another area for maintenance and should be kept clear so that the unit can drain moisture and reduce the humidity. Clogged drains can lead to leaks and moisture stains on walls and carpets, so worth keeping an eye on.


While some tenants may be happy to do the basics such as removing and vacuuming the filters and clearing debris from around the outdoor units, more intricate service and maintenance work should really be left to the professionals. This may include checking refrigerants, leaks, airflow and thermostats.


It is recommended that landlords arrange an annual service of air conditioning units in their rental properties to ensure the comfort of their tenants and keep the units in good working order. Your property manager will be able to organize this with a reputable and qualified air conditioning professional who will keep the unit in tip-top condition. Speak to your friendly Harcourts Kiama Property Manager today.


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