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Heat safe for winter

Heat safe for winter

Winter is the prime time for house fires, which are often caused by faulty heaters.


As we head into the colder months and your tenants start to take the chill off rooms, it’s an ideal time to have heating appliances checked in your rental properties. As a landlord it’s your responsibility to ensure any heaters you provide for your tenants are in good working order.


Faulty gas heaters may emit carbon monoxide which is odourless and deadly so it’s important to get them serviced regularly. Split system air conditioners are a popular and cost efficient way to heat a property, so it’s a good idea to undertake an annual service, although your tenants are responsible for removing dust from the filters with a vacuum cleaner.


There are not so many log fires in Kiama, but if you do have one in your property, it’s wise to have the chimney swept on a regular basis to ensure it operates safely and efficiently for your tenants.


If you would like to arrange for your heating appliances to be checked and maintained, the property management team at Harcourts Kiama has a fantastic network of trusted tradespeople on hand to visit your property and ensure heaters are safe and run efficiently.



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