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Encouraging tenants to report maintenance issues

It's important to encourage tenants to report maintenance issues

According to a recent report, 14% of tenants don’t report problems. And with 11% experiencing rent hikes after asking for repairs you can understand any reluctance.


As property management specialists, we strongly encourage renters to report any maintenance issues so that landlords are fully informed and are able to keep their properties in good working order. This not only keeps the good tenants in place longer, but also maintains the value of the home and looks after the investment. Like any business, an investment property needs nurturing.


A good property manager will have a strong relationship with both renters and landlords. The periodic inspections of the property are an ideal time to ask tenants to report any maintenance concerns. Your property manager produces a report on the inspection findings, including any maintenance recommendations, which is an opportunity for landlords to address any issues.


If your property is part of a body corporate, it’s a really good idea to stay close to strata matters and we strongly recommend you are part of the owners’ management committee, even if you have a strata manager in place. That way you’ll have a say in the broader maintenance issues relating to the property, such as driveways, gardens, common entrance ways etc, which are all important for attracting good tenants and increasing the value of your investment.