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Are your window coverings compliant with safety standards?

Are your window coverings compliant with safety standards?

It’s heartbreaking to hear about children losing their lives, particularly when it could be avoided. With upsetting stories about children being strangled by cords from window coverings, it’s no wonder that legislation was introduced to ensure blinds and window coverings in domestic dwellings meet mandatory safety standards.


As of 1st Jan 2015 the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) updated the legislation and all new window coverings must meet these safety conditions. View the ACCC document.


What are your responsibilities as a landlord?


As a landlord you need to make sure your rental property meets these standards, which include attaching the necessary cleats and fixtures to secure the cord and that warning labels are clearly visible.


At Harcourts Kiama, we’ve teamed up with a company that provides a window compliance service to ensure our rented properties comply with the legislation. The service includes:


  • Attending the property to survey the windows and coverings
  • Securely attaching cleats and fixtures to ensure the window covering is compliant and will withstand the weight of a child pulling on it
  • Ensuring no loop of more than 220mm can be created after the fixtures are attached
  • Attaching warning labels where required
  • Keeping detailed records of all the windows, including window type, covering type, warning labels attached and verification that the installation meets Australian Standards.
  • Certificate of compliance

If you are unsure whether your window coverings in your investment property meet the standard, speak to your friendly property manager to arrange a compliance inspection.


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